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BW Safe Cert System

Introducing the BW Safe Cert System

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Using the BW Safe Cert System enables us to carry out onsite, in-house or offshore LOLER Inspections/Testing of all your lifting/height safety equipment.

This would be carried out by our LEEA qualified engineers and would be logged into our BW Safe Cert system by your dedicated document controller who would manage:

  • Entering all current Documents of Conformity and existing LOLER Reports of Thorough Examination onto the BW Safe Cert system.
  • Entering Documents of Conformity & LOLER Reports of Thorough Examination purchased through 3rd parties onto the BW Safe Cert System.

Benefits of using the BW Safe Cert System:

  • 24/7 365 access to all lifting/height safety equipment documentation.
  • All documentation is kept in one place stored safely in the system.
  • Full traceability for each item of equipment.
  • Easily accessible by product search or serial number.
  • Reminders that inspections are due at which time scale can be set by yourself.
  • Master login which has a complete overview of all lifting equipment in the company.
  • Each site will have its own login in for the equipment specific to that location.
  • Instant certification uploaded to the system once inspections are complete.
  • Defect report will also be instantly uploaded. This will include reason of defect and also a picture of the reported defect.
  • Any purchase from BW Lifting will be uploaded directly to the system and allocated to the correct location.
  • Save your employees using valuable man hours finding or managing your documentation.
  • No risks of jobs being held up due to lost or misplaced documentation.
  • Save purchasing additional equipment due to lack of documentation.
  • Dedicated document controller for your company.
  • 3rd party documentation can be uploaded to the system.

To contact us for more information on using the BW Safe Cert System please contact us on 01642 467444 or email us at info@bwlifting.co.uk

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