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Chain Slings

In this catalogue the maximum working load limit for each size of chain is shown. These ratings are based on ideal conditions, however in practice, working conditions may vary widely. All lifting applications should be assessed by a competent person in order to establish the size and type of sling required.

Multi-Leg Sling Angle

In the case of multi-leg slings, the angle between the legs is critical. The actual tension on each leg increases as shown in the diagram opposite. For this reason all general purpose chain slings are given a rating based upon use at a range of angles up to 45° to the vertical. A reduced rating is also given for use in the range of anglesbetween 45-60°. Chain Slings should never be used at angles greater than 60° to vertical.

Multi-Leg Sling angle

Head Room

The distance between the crane hook and the load is known as the "Head Room". If a specific head room is required, the "Reach" of the chain sling must increase as the angle between the legs increases as shown opposite.

Sling Headroom

Sling Reach

The reach of a chain sling is the distance between bearing points of the upper and lower terminal fittings. This distance, commonly known as the "Bearing to Bearing" should be quoted when ordering slings. Shortening clutches may be fitted to a sling, making the reach adjustable, hence increasing the versatility of the sling.

Sling Reach